Peeling Agents and Treatments.

We have a large selection of natural peels that provide excellent alternatives to more intensive chemical and mechanical peels. After a thorough consultation, we will select a peeling process that is best suited to your specific skin. Examples of some of our peels are:

BioCella Peel.

This physician formulated peel is designed to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells and stimulate cellular renewal. BioCella is our most aggressive peel.

After cleansing and inspecting your skin, our esthetician will determine the strength of the peel and length of time for your treatment. During the application of the peel you may experience a slight burning, prickly sensation similar to sunburn pain that will only last a couple of minutes. The skin may be pink for that day.

A series of peels may be given every one or two weeks. With each peel that is given, either the length of time that the peel is left on or the strength of the peel may be increased depending upon the condition of your skin. This allows you to gradually step-up to reach the maximum benefits for your skin.

45 minutes - $75

90 minutes, includes facial, add - $45

Floracid Treatment.

Acid made from the white hibiscus flower is combined with glycolic and salicylic acids to make this unique peel. This provides good exfoliation and is a comparatively nonirritating peel. Floracid is an excellent peel for sensitive skin.

After a cleansing, the floral acid exfoliant is applied and left on the skin for up to 10 minutes, depending upon the condition of the skin. The floral acid is then removed and the skin is cleansed thoroughly. The treatment is finished with a soothing aloe mask to hydrate the skin.

Recommended in a series of six treatments (for best results), one week apart. May also be used as a one time treatment to encourage penetration of a nourishing product into the skin.

45 minutes - $75

90 minutes, includes facial, add - $45

Pumpkin Exfoliating Treatment

Pumpkin has over 100 nutrients, vitamins and enzymes, including powerful anti-oxidants that help to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. This gentler peel is a customized version of the Advanced Skin Care Facial that can be used on sensitive skin.

After a cleansing, the pumpkin enzyme is applied to the skin. This is followed by an application of a soothing raspberry shea butter accompanied by steam. After doing any necessary extractions the high frequency machine is used to disinfect the skin. A customized mask will then be applied to your face. While the mask works on you, you will enjoy an upper body and cranial massage. The treatment is finished with a soothing aloe gel mask to hydrate the skin.

45 minutes - $75

90 minutes, includes facial, add - $45

Microbrasion Scrub.

Microbrasion is the manual application of a micro crystal cream that is massaged onto the face to slough off unwanted dry or damaged skin cells. The cream is made of hollow magnesium oxide beads which fill up with the dead skin cells during the procedure. Unlike traditional vacuum micro dermabrasion, this technique does not involve suction and will therefore not stretch the skin or cause external trauma. The Advanced Skin Care Facial is included in this treatment.

90 minutes - $85

Omega Peel.

This procedure combines a gentle peel and the anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory properties of MSM and Oxygen Plasma, with the Advanced Skin Care Facial. As the Omega Peel is applied and massaged, impurities are sloughed off the skin. At this point, the skin will readily absorb a series of nutrients that will be applied:

  • Oxygen Plasma carries oxygen into the skin to speed up metabolism, trigger formation of collagen and elastin and kill anaerobic bacteria
  • The Crystal Mask saturates the skin with MSM, which is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, healing, and feeds the formation of collagen and elastin
  • Fruit Toner contains anti-fungal Australian tea tree oil, fruit extracts and MSM to clarify and tone the complexion
  • Nutra + MSM feeds the skin with MSM, Aloe, Jojoba, Vitamins E and C

45 minutes - $75

90 minutes, includes facial, add - $45

Pevonia YouthRenew Hydra-Glow Peel

Pevonia's YouthRenew Hydra-glow Peel will leave your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, & radiant.  This peel is recommended for ALL skin types (except very sensitive skin).This perfect, natural peel promises to:

  • Exfoliate the surface of your skin for a smoother, even complexion
  • Moisturize skin deeply
  • Lighten skin tone
  • Provide you with a youthful radiance and glowing effect

45 minutes - $120
90 minutes, includes facial, add - $45