Advanced Skin Care Facial.

This is our basic facial and is recommended for first time clients. The session begins with a careful inspection of your skin and a discussion about your concerns and goals. The treatment will begin with an enzyme peeling mask, steaming and extractions. Moisturizing lotion will be massaged into your hands before they are placed into heated mittens. Depending on your skin requirements, the next step is a lymphatic drainage, or a vitamin or aromatherapy facial massage. A customized mask will then be applied to your face. While the mask works on you, you will enjoy an upper body and cranial massage. To finish, a nourishing cream or gel will be applied.

75 minutes - $85

Add-ons to Basic Facial.

We have a wide variety of treatments that can be added to your basic facial, depending on your desires and skin requirements. Some of these are:

AMPOULES $25 add on

Galvanic current is used to enhance penetration of plant based concentrations into the skin. We will determine which ampoule to use, based on our analysis of your skin.

  • Soothing Ampoule may be used to calm distressed skin
  • Collagen is used to tone the skin and soften lines
  • DNA is for uneven skin texture and enlarged pores
  • Elastin is for improving the skin's elasticity
  • Vitaminic nourishes damaged skin
  • Propolis is antibacterial, antiviral, decongesting, desensitizing and vaso-constricting; it is used for cases such as acne, capillary problems or to strengthen fragile skin


These treatments are a more intensive therapy. A freeze-dried process is used to preserve 100% of the concentrates that are used, making them highly potent. Galvanic current is used to enhance penetration of the freeze-dried nutrients that are deeply absorbed into the skin.

  • DNA is used for improving uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, new scars and after acne
  • Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful humectant that can bind water to skin tissue for a long period of time to improve elasticity and suppleness and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles by plumping up the skin - it might be used for damaged skin and deeply dehydrated skin
  • Elastin is for improving the skin's elasticity
  • Collagen is very effective in its ability to hold moisture in the outer layers of the skin and may be used to soften lines and give the skin a firmer appearance
  • the Eyelift Treatment is a special eye mask to firm eyelids and promote blood circulation around the eyes to alleviate dark circles and ease eye stress and fatigue