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Reply Jill Winkelman
12:48 AM on February 11, 2017 

Yesterday was my first appointment with Eileen and it was an overall positive experience. I have very sensitive skin and she was able to recommend some really good products that will help with some of my problems. You can tell she has been doing this for years. She could probably do this in her sleep. I feel like she removed 10lbs of dead skin and damage from my skin! I highly recommend her and her co-worker. was so relaxing! This will be my monthly treat for myself! 

Reply susan slattery
2:50 PM on June 21, 2016 

I have had the good forturne to have used the services of Advanced Skin Care for close to 20 years. Eileen Kolar is the best esthetician that I have had.  She is extremely knowledgable and up to date on the latest skin care products and applications and brings this knowledge to her clients.  She generously shares her knowledge and has taught me how to care for my skin and what products to use at home.  She is the best!!!

Reply Sandra M
10:22 AM on May 19, 2016 

Phenomenal!  Eileen does amazing work.  As an industry professional, I have quite a bit of knowledge myself, but Eileen's knowledge and skill far exceed typical practice.  I sought her expertise when traditional treatments were ineffective.  Eileen not only helped to correct the issues I was experiencing, but helped me to further understand the cause behind them.  She has a passion and drive for whole health that extends far beyond what is skin deep.

Reply Karen H
10:42 PM on June 8, 2014 

Advanced Skin Care is not your run of the mill spa or salon.  The owner, Eileen Kolar, is a highly trained and knowledgeable profession.  She really cares about her clients and takes a lot of time to get to know them and the issues or challenges they have with their skin.  Eileen has provided me and my immediate family with services that have made such a noticeable impact that members of our extended family have scheduled appointments with her and her assistant Magdalen.  


We not only had remarkable results, but we've learned a lot.  Eileen helped us understand that our skin is the largest organ of our body and the entry to our immune system.  She taught us to recognize how elements of our diet, environment, habits and skin health fit together.   She is truly passionate about helping the people who come to her.  I was amazed to learn from Eileen that many personal care products contain harmful ingredients.  That reality is what drove her to pursue additional credentials in the field of natural health care.   Her focus on each client as a unique individual has led to some significant improvements in the conditions each of my family members have dealt with.  


Our daughter has battled very challenging acne and Eileen has helped her identify triggers and develop protocols for her home routine that have facilitated true overall improvement.  In the course of working with her we discovered she had a significant medical issue that required surgery and treatment.   My own issues have been with sensitive and aging skin.   Eileen's techniques are second to none and the skincare homework she gives has made a difference that even my dermatologist has noticed.  My husband has spent time with Eileen and she actually got to the bottom of a medical issue that had baffled his physicians.   He worked with her, made some changes and has shown really exciting progress.


When you walk into Eileen's suite you immediately feel you are in some place very special.  The environment is very calming.  The experience is second to none!  Eileen's assistant, Magdalen, shares Eileen's genuine love of people. She is takes advantage of every opportunity she has to draw on Eileen's extensive knowledge.   I love to call them the Dynamic Duo!

Reply Sharon T-B
4:57 PM on July 6, 2010 
I have been a loyal client of Eileen's since 1995. She is the most informed, educated esthetican in our tri-county area. She knows exactly what treatment is needed for excellent skin care. She constantly attends workshops/classes to be informed of treatments for continued skin care. Her spa is professional & tranquil. My complexion is in better shape than when I received my first treatment 15 years ago.
Reply Meredith T.
9:53 PM on May 13, 2010 
I chose to go to a spa because of problematic skin. I am glad I found Advanced Skin Care. Eileen has the knowledge and equipment to do the best treatment a face requires. She has modified my treatments as my skin has changed. The results have been amazing. She also provides beauty products and tips. I buy my makeup from her as well. The best part is she is a warm and caring person and the atmosphere of her spa is relaxing, like a big hug. Her staff shares her wonderful attitude and desire to make sure you leave peaceful and happy.
Reply Bev E.
5:43 PM on May 11, 2010 
On a scale from 1 to 10 Eileen is a 12. She is the most nurturing, loving, kind, gentle person you could find. Her knowledge of skin care is extensive. It's a delightful experience just to go there and be in her wonderful energy.
Reply Utanja M.
9:10 AM on February 8, 2010 
I love my facials with Eileen! She is so knowledgeable and in tune with what your skin needs. Always on top of things, with the newest and latest in skincare. My face looks so much better now. She truly is a miracle worker! And her enthusiasm is contagious; you want to learn more and follow through with her advise! I feel very fortunate to be a client of her!
Reply Sonja Hoffmann
3:29 PM on August 5, 2009 
hi Eileen ... I haven't spoke to you in such a long time. How have you been? Is business still going strong? i miss visiting and talking to you. My Young Living is doing better with the RainDrop. Our's is study, but not as strong as before. We can still service you with our accessories, and professional products too. Call anytime. Hugs ... Sonja
Reply Priscilla Sullins
9:55 AM on February 13, 2009 
I am so very thankful for Eileen in that she is so considerate and every visit is such a pleasure to look forward to. She is thorough, well trained, kind and truly cares not just about skin, but about the person as well. You leave knowing your skin looks amazing and that the time spent with Eileen has been a rich experience.
Reply Kathleen Jackson
10:21 AM on March 9, 2008 
Great website! It's easy to navigate with the information I need. I'll be adding it to my favorites list. As well as, sharing it with my friends & family. Thanks! Kathleen